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After-School Activity

“I love that Kahnan is excited about math now...”
Namita V.
Mom of Kahnan (4th grade)
“Getting something in the mail that is personalized just for you is so special...”
Rochelle D.
Mom of Briana and Zeb (3rd grade)
“Gianna really enjoys the interactive aspect and all of the games.”
Jessica S.
Mom of Gianna (2nd grade)
“This is really breaking the classic personal tutoring mold and is really helping Wes.”
Iraida M.
Mom of Wes (3rd grade)

How it Works

Whether your child struggles with math or can’t get enough of it—Revolution Math is a perfect fit for kids grades 2nd-5th! Start your 14-day free trial and receive a Learning Kit complete with workbook, game pieces, math tools, and more.

1. Find a Class That Works

2. Choose Your Allies

3. Celebrate Success

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.


For Parents

Share this parent perspective video with your playdate pals.


For Kids

This video of students joining the adventure is mesmerizing.

Why Revolution

Your time is as precious as you child's education, that’s why our program is accessible online via WiFi.

Flexible Schedules
Let us build our schedules around your life, not the other way around. Stress less and learn more.

Learning with Friends
We’ve replaced the typical drill and kill worksheet method with research based social learning that kids enjoy.

Compare Us Vs. Them

Why It Works

Storytelling with a Purpose

Math Games Make Learning Fun

Learning Squads of Only 4 Students

Exceptional Teachers Make the Difference

Students Learn Ahead of Classmates

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